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Your own dedicated radio channel for the week leading up to your big day!

The Mitzvah Radio Network transmits a week of your favorite music, interviews and shout-outs 24/7, with professional announcers, building the excitement in anticipation of your Mitzvah celebration!

Each broadcast week is customized for his or her, Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


On-Air features highlight the Mitzvah and his or her favorite music, artists, actors, sports, activities and more!


All week, your invited guests can listen-in to your Mitzvah Radio Channel anywhere world wide!


When they arrive, everyone is ready to rock the party out!

Connect the excitement!

Connect the excitement of your Mitzvah week with everyone in your universe. Share the anticipation and get everyone on the same party "page" before they even arrive!

On-Air Features!

On-Air features can include interviews with the Mitzvah, their Top Ten Countdown or Sports, Activity and Artist updates. Even School and Home Town highlights can be featured!

Mitzvah Previews!

Everyone loves a sneak peek preview of what the celebration day has in store. Build the excitement all week long as your invited guests are teased with details of the event!

Get The Drive!

All week long each of the interviews, shout-outs and on-air features are recorded and stored on CD or USB drive for you to keep, to share and to hear again, whenever you like for generations to come!

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